Artist’s Statement: Peter Allan                                                                                                               I was born in a dark room - not a Skinner Box but a develop and print photographic darkroom set up first in the upstairs bathroom and later more permanently in the furnace room of our family home in suburban Montreal.                                                                                                                                                       In the sixties photography was our exclusive father and son activity. My Dad, a career engineer is a brilliant amateur photographer still snapping at 84. I treasured my time with him on photo jaunts without my three sisters. In retrospect it seems these times were too rare and I have changed this in relationship to my two sons. Together we would catch images of steam locomotives, Vieux Montreal, Mosport Racetrack, photos of the moon landing off the black and white TV in the rec room…most especially I enjoyed the silent moments in the darkroom, just he and I.                                                                                                            The red light, the flash as the 2 ¼ square film was ripped from its backing and spooled into the developing canister, test strips, dodging, Kodak, Ilford, Zeiss, Rolleicord, contact printer, enlarger, the vinegar smell of chemicals, counting one one thousand in the silence, washing prints in the bathtub upstairs. As a teenager I taught these skills learned at my father’s knee to others. The first single lens reflex camera was taken on the proverbial backpack trip to Europe at nineteen but left on a park bench in Luxembourg after sharing a bottle of Napoléon Brandy and chocolate milk with my buddy Yackle. Two years later another 35 millimeter camera was stolen while hitchhiking from Amsterdam to Crete. For a time photography was supplanted by acting, university and work.                                                                                                                                                                                   I have always admired the handmade, artistic originality, a craft person’s skill. It was this fascination that compelled me to become a student at McGill University, where I learned of the century and a half of evolution of the photographic image from Fox Talbot to Warhol . However, by then picture taking for me had become a medium for documenting youthful antics rather than an aesthetic pursuit. Later a graduate course on Man Ray at the University of Victoria rekindled an interest in the mystery of a dark room.                                                                                                                                                                      With these images I am reclaiming a creative intent.  Digital photography ascended so rapidly there is still a film trapped inside my F3, the roll unfinished. These photographs are singular and defiantly unique, one-of-one. Why? I have deleted the RAW and jpeg. digital file. Poof, gone…                                                                    




Jesse's Knees


The sculpture"Vanitas" was exhibited at the Sidney Fine Art Show.

The 2012 Sidney Fine Art Show will be held October 12th – 14th at the Bodine Family Hall at the Mary Winspear Centre in Sidney.  Presented by the Community Arts Council of the Saanich Peninsula, this Show is a world-class juried art show for serious artists and patrons of the arts.  The first Show in 2003 was an outstanding success and each year the Show has attracted thousands of visitors to the town of Sidney...

In 2011 over 6,500 people came and admired the art and the town.